About Us

Sector Investment Managers Limited

  • A natural-resources specialised investment management company focusing in oil, natural gas, precious and base-metals.
  • Investing our principal capital in companies that we believe offer outstanding value growth potential
  • Deal arrangers for Acquisitions, Divestitures and Capital Investment in development projects
  • Offering investors allocation tools with exposure to the super-cycle driving industrial commodities.
  • Wealth Management: Advice and management of segregated accounts with global asset allocation including fixed income, ETFs, equities and convertible securities. Specialist diversified precious metal investment strategies tailored to client’s risk profile include physical bullion trusts, gold income, mining equities and participation in private placings.
  • We believe that responsible Environment, Social and Governance policies are the bedrock for corporate success in any enterprise and are an integral part of our investment appraisal process in any investment.
  • Authorized and regulated by the FCA.


Sector Investment Managers (SIM) was established by Angelos Damaskos and the late Jim Slater, early in 2004 based on their conviction that the world was entering into a super-cycle demand environment for oil and other commodities. The industrialization of China, India and other emerging economies would drive this supercycle for over 20 years and, as supply of commodities was short, prices would rise significantly. The objective was to create a management company that would advise high-performance, narrow-focus investment funds that could be used as asset allocation tools by any investor wishing to obtain exposure to the respective market sectors.

Controllers and Shareholders of Sector Investment Managers

Angelos Damaskos and Jim Slater’s estate are the largest controlling shareholders of SIM and have also invested a significant part of their wealth in the funds advised by SIM.

Mark Slater, Jim’s son, and his business partner Ralph Baber are the next largest controlling shareholders in SIM. Mark is considered to be one of the best performing fund managers in the UK, specializing in smaller growth companies following the formula devised by his father Jim known as the PEG ratio. Ralph Baber is an experienced risk manager placing his emphasis on risk control and associated systems. For further information on Mark and Ralph visit www.slaterinvestments.com

John Damaskos, Angelos’ brother, is a significant minority shareholder in SIM and is actively involved in ideas generation and due-diligence. His background and experience in commodities-investing as well as various project-financed fields make his involvement particularly valuable.

Ian Watson, an experienced investor in gold mining is also a significant minority shareholder in SIM. He has been the Chairman and Managing Director in the successful early-stage mining investment company Galahad Gold plc which he and Jim Slater established in 2002 to take advantage of the commodities boom. During the next four years, Galahad made profits averaging 66% per annum from its investments in gold, copper, molybdenum and uranium mining companies. Angelos Damaskos was involved with Galahad Gold plc as an executive from March 2004 to June 2006. For Ian’s biography and current interests please visit: www.ianwatson.biz

Two seeding investors hold the balance of minority interests in SIM shares and their contribution both in early capital as well as introductions in the industry have been invaluable in setting up and growing SIM to what it is today.