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    Global Mining Finance Conference
    City of London

    16th November 2023

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    Outlook for the economy and precious metals.

    121 Mining Investment TV

    11th August 2023

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    Exploration financing and the outlook for gold.


  • Commodities Investing

    We specialise in investments in gold, silver, oil and natural gas but our team of specialists have long experience of investments in the broader commodities markets including base and energy metals such as copper, nickel, molybdenum and uranium. Such cross-industry experience is mobilised to screen prospective investments and identify the best of breed projects and companies that can succeed and grow to become much larger entities.

    Investing in natural resources and commodities derived from these finance some of the most fundamental and important functions of the modern economy. Commodities support every aspect of economic activity whether it is to build machines, tools and equipment to manufacture things or provide energy to power homes and businesses or fuel transportation for the movement of goods and people. Things that each one of us uses every day are made using steel, aluminum, gold and silver among many other vital natural resource-derived commodities.