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Precious Metals Pricing at the Inflection Point

27th May 2024

Angelos Damaskos speaking at the 121 Event on Gold and Precious Metals.

Global Mining Finance Conference, City of London

16th November 2023

Outlook for the economy and precious metals.

121 Mining Investment TV

11th August 2023

Exploration Financing and The Outlook For Gold.

121 Mining Investment TV

19th May 2023

Strategies to invest in this Precious Metals Bull phase


  • Angelos Damaskos, CEO & Investment Advisor, Sector Investment Managers
  • Charlotte Peuron, Senior Equity Fund Manager, Credit Mutuel Asset Management
  • Loni Saul, Director, Kings Road Capital Management
  • Jonathan Guy, Director, Mining Research, Hannam & Partners


121 Mining Investment TV

28th February 2023

Exploration and Financing for New Gold Projects

New gold discoveries have grown over the past few years, but the amount discovered remains far lower than the gold discoveries from the 1990s and early 2000s. And while exploration budgets increased 12% in 2022, they are expected to face headwinds in the coming year as gold prices remain higher than average and investor appetite is down. Amongst the juniors, executives are noting that they’re finding it difficult to raise cash for large exploration programs in the current environment.

The panel looks at global exploration trends, where is the financing coming from, challenges for the industry, and more.

Mines and Money

8th April 2022

After a year of underperformance in 2021, what are the best silver opportunities over next 12 months?

Silver was down 14% in 2021, underperforming against gold. Does this mean we are in for a correction in 2022 and if so, what does this mean for investors and miners?

In this video, Angelos Damaskos, Chief Executive Officer of Sector Investment Managers, Ian Williams, Chairman And Chief Executive Officer of Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers, Prof. Dr. Torsten Dennin, Chief Investment Officer and Member of the Management Board of Asset Management Switzerland AG reviewed key trends they have seen in Q1 2021 and give their thoughts, analysis and predictions for the next 12 months.

This video was featured as part of Mines and Money Online Connect in April 2022.


13th October 2021

Has gold lost its allure?

In what some describe as a disappointing market, the gold price has not really moved since 2020. Yes, there was a new record high set during lockdown, but as inflation has picked up gold has not moved from where it was pre-Covid.

In this episode, IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor talks to a long-term gold investor, Angelos Damaskos, who runs the Junior Gold fund. What is troubling the gold market, why is it not reflecting the uptick in inflation, are so-called new paradigm economics impacting our relationship with gold, and – the big one – are crypto currencies taking over?

Mines & Money

30th June 2021

Angelos Damaskos participates in a Mines & Money 5@5 presentation of junior companies as guest investor.


12th May 2021

Angelos Damaskos, CEO at Sector Investment Managers, says silver is heading to $30/oz or even $35/oz, thanks not only to safe haven demand as the cousin of gold, but also on the back of higher physical demand.

He recently increased the weighting of silver exposure in his Junior Gold Fund to about 40% on the expectation that it will outperform gold in the next phase. Damaskos says gold is likely to test $2000/oz level in the near term as it rebounds from recently oversold conditions.

Mining Journal

March 2021

Tom Hoskyns talks to Angelos Damaskos about the key gold trends in the aftermath of the pandemic crisis. In light of massive money printing, low long term interest rates & the role precious metals have to play, is gold a safe haven? Is there a short supply of precious metals and what about the need to increase primary mining production?


11th February 2021

The gold/silver ratio dropped from around 120 to just over 60 in the space of seven months. What does it mean for the price of silver and gold?

IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor discusses the prospects with Angelos Damaskos from the Junior Gold Fund.


24th July 2020

Silver: Is there a big price rise coming?

Mines and Money

2nd July 2020

Angelos Damaskos participates in a Mines and Money 5@5 panel discussing the gold market.


19 March 2020

If gold recovers, where are the small-cap opportunities?